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Pasar Kembang (SARKEM)-Center for "snacks" typical Yogyakarta

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Pasar Kembang [Flower Market] or can be shortened Sarkem WTS is a localization which is located in the city of Yogyakarta. Localization is located not far from the street Malioboro. Central Flower Market is the official localization or prostitution.
Those who would never play or a trip to Yogyakarta or Jogja, it's not complete if you have not visited the Pasar kembang Flower Market (Sarkem).
Sarkem is a typical souvenir center of Yogyakarta, but the museum for just one man who is labeled "Playboy" slightly discolored also so-so, referred to only as tourists Domeseks

Its history:
Flower Market or sarkem stood since 1818. That means, since the Dutch colonial era already exists. It is said also, the existence of "institutions" are also given a "blessing" the Dutch government in the hope that, if all railroad workers maker has received wages from the sweat, it is expected that they spend their salaries to the "institution" created by the Dutch government

So from here the velocity of money remains returned to the Dutch government in Yogyakarta. In the 'Institutions' There levies as "retribution", of course this is no correlation power between actors, governments, and private collectors grade retribution.

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